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Numerous people are affected by SAD during the winter, many of whom simply put their feelings down to a bad case of the blues without realising they have a problem.

There are certain telltale signs though that show if you are suffering from SAD and we’ve listed a few of them in this next blog from Lightbox UK.

1.)     Irritability

Are you more irritable than normal, do you find your tolerance is low, are you less patient when sunlight decreases from autumn onwards? This might be a sign of SAD, see if it coincides with some of the other problems on this list.

2.)    Feeling worthless

Think your life lacks value? The symptoms of SAD express themselves in numerous ways and it’s quite common to experience feelings of worthlessness when you are affected by this condition

3.)    Lacking in self-esteem

Self-esteem shot to pieces? This is another classic example of symptoms associated to seasonal affective disorder. Lack self-esteem over the winter then suddenly get your confidence back as soon as spring arrives and this might indicate there’s a problem.

4.)    Indecisiveness

Seem to struggle making decisions as the nights draw in from autumn onwards? There could be an underlying reason for this dithering, your mood might be affected by the season and you could have a disorder directly linked to a reduction in light levels.

5.)    Feeling moments of despair 

Are you full of anguish, gloom and misery? Do you suffer from an overwhelming feeling of hopelessness, despondency and dejection? Don’t lose hope, this might be a bad case of SAD, treat it with a lightbox and see light at the end of the day.

6.)    Heightened stress levels

Seasonal disorder is known to enhance stress levels as well. So if you feel worked up for no good reason and this happens a fair amount over the winter months there could an underlying issue.

7.)    A lack of energy

Don’t be too surprised if your energy levels drop over the winter. SAD is mercenary and it’ll sap your energy levels without batting an eyelid.

8.)    A lack of concentration

Find it hard to concentrate on what you are doing? Easily distracted during the autumn and notice this gets worse as the winter progresses?  This is one of the classic SAD symptoms too.

9.)    Reduced sex drive

Lose your libido over the winter? Feel frumpy, tense and the last thing on your mind is a spot of romance? Your low mood might be attributed to winter depression, learn how to cope and watch as your love life improves.

10.)   Increased appetite

Can’t stop eating as soon as the darker nights draw in and feel like eating all of the time from autumn onwards? Hyperphagia or excessive eating is another symptom closely linked to seasonal affective disorder, if you think you have a problem visit a GP and follow their advice.

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