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For many years scientists have worked on ways to harness the sun’s energy. The evolving techniques and technology now allow for both heat and light energy to be generated as a result of the sun’s power, in an increasing number of uses. At Lightbox UK we specialise in LED lightboxes, but what about the world of naturally generated light out there?


Road signs

Solar powered signs used in construction and transportation services are particularly effective. As they avoid the need for gas-powered generators or electrical wiring, they are a simple way of keeping roads running. From flashing speed limit signs to message boards, the signs are able to run during nighttime hours due to the chargeable battery within the solar panel.


Street lamps

A similar everyday use that is increasingly important to everyday life is street lamps. Like with road signs, the battery stores solar energy throughout the daytime so that our streets can stay lit up and safe at night.




Electronic Advertisements

Many of the flashing signs you see outside of shop windows, or on the sides of buildings and roads, will be powered by solar energy. In the ever demanding commercial world where the need for advertising and marketing is essential for business, solar energy allows for 24 hour light too. Modern LED digital boards still have their benefits though, using less energy now compared to old technology.


Garden lights/features

Saving money is important to everyone so garden lights and features are a great way to provide decoration and practicality to your home, without spending too many pennies. With these products being available from any hardware of homestore, they are now a part of everyday life.



After being charged during the day, solar powered flashlights can provide light for several hours which is truly impressive for a low-scale product! The rechargeable battery means that there is no waste from this simple but effective design.




Solar energy proves that small-scale lighting doesn’t need to be costly or damaging to the environment. Natural ways to generate light energy may be the future and certainly have benefits to everyday life.


If you’re not ready to switch to solar energy just yet though have a look at our LED products. Our advertising boards and displays are energy efficient making sure you avoid the high costs of more commercial electronic alternatives. Get in touch today to find out more about our products.

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