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At Lightbox UK we understand the importance of bringing light into your homes and life. Our practical solutions for commercial, industrial and art products are hugely successful to a wide market. Have a look at some of the more weird and wonderful LED creations in design or on the market. Which one will take your fancy?



Rain and electricity might not be the first combination you’d put together but this umbrella invention is proven to keep you safe (and dry!) in the rain.  The adjustable dimmer feature allows you to go out on a nighttime stroll wherever you want, without the worry of the dark.


(via HolyKaw)


Bionic Contact Lenses

Not yet quite a reality, bionic contact lenses are sure to be on the list of all avid Comic-Con or action film fans. Relieve the experience of the movies directly through your eyes. You don’t have to watch someone else get all the fun!


(via Ecouterre)



If you’re sick of constantly decorating because you can never get things quite to your liking, LED wallpaper may be the way forward. The luminous wall panels can take on a range of colour combinations. The soothing and warm lighting might be particularly useless in the hospitality industry, or in more creative environments.


(via Inhabitat)



Beauty and technology are increasingly coming hand-in-hand to test the boundaries or what is possible. LED-laced eyelashes will definitely have you turning heads and would make for an interesting look at a bar or nightclub.


(via Ecouterre)


Bicycle Spokes

Create quite a spark with LED bicycle wheel lights. The lights are simply attached to the spokes and glow when you cycle. A variety of different colours and designs are now available. You can enjoy a bright nighttime ride and will be sure to turn heads!


(via PopularMechanics)



We may not be able to sell you any of these products but we do offer Bespoke Services. Our products are aimed to provide your industry or business with a useful and innovative design. The care of our custom-made products reflects our expertise and devotion. Get in touch today to see how we can help you.

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