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Return on Investment
With energy costs constantly on the increase there has never been a better time to switch to LED. Unlike other bulbs, they won’t need to be replaced for many years and often pay for themselves in less than a year of installation.
LEDs have a lifespan in excess of 50,000 hours (approximately 15 years of normal usage). Even after this amount of usage they don’t stop working they can just become visibly dimmer. Compare this to a fluorescent bulb which lasts around 10,000 hours and you can really start to see why choosing LEDs makes sense financially. LEDs also use about half the wattage of a fluorescent bulb.
The heat emitted from alternative lighting solutions is simply not there when using LEDs therefore air conditioning costs are reduced.

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The main reason why LEDs are so efficient is thanks to their ability to convert most of the electricity used into visible light rather than heat.
With incandescent bulbs only 10% (at best) of power is converted into light, the rest is converted into heat. An 8W LED bulb actually produces as much light as a 65W incandescent one.
When looking at energy efficiency, not only do you need to take into account the energy savings associated with using an LED but also the savings in the energy used in the production of the components as well as that used in disposal. LEDs last so much longer than other light sources therefore fewer need to be produced or disposed of.

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LEDs are compact, versatile and boast longer lifespans than any other lighting technology out there. The robust durability, economical power usage and incredibly low maintenance associated with LEDs are just some of many reasons why they are increasingly being used in illuminated signage and display lighting.

LEDs are very efficient at converting most of the electricity used into visible light rather than heat. However all of this heat is concentrated in a very small area. It is important however to consider how this heat is to be conducted away from the LED chip.
If the LEDs are to be used for long periods of time this needs to be on a conductive material or heat sink like a metal backing. This needs to be considered on each specific installation or application, If you have any questions regarding specific installations then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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There is a wealth of different types of snap frames, each of which has a different application. From waterproof to tamper resistant, locking or double-sided to window fixing, there is a wealth of purposes that the use of snap frames is paramount.

There are even customisable options that consumers can choose from. Whether you have designs on a snap frame that mirrors the tone and colour of your brand, or require a larger length or width, snap frames are customisable. Read more »

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X-rays have become an essential tool in the medical profession. Doctors the world over rely on x-rays to diagnose internal problems. A painless and simple procedure for patients to endure, they allow for accurate medical diagnoses of bones and tissues.

Patients may be provided with a copy of the x-ray image. Without knowledge or experience most of us will find it difficult to interpret what they are seeing. However, with a little education, we can all learn how to interpret what we see. Read more »

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Calligraphy is steeped in history. Our desire for intricately designed penmanship has not diminished to this day. Today, many graphic designers and artists still rely on calligraphy to make a truly-inspiring lettering impact.

Modern calligraphy has, however, evolved from centuries past. The artwork ranges from hand lettered inscriptions to pieces of fine art. As the art has evolved so too have the tools used. Read more »

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For many years scientists have worked on ways to harness the sun’s energy. The evolving techniques and technology now allow for both heat and light energy to be generated as a result of the sun’s power, in an increasing number of uses. At Lightbox UK we specialise in LED lightboxes, but what about the world of naturally generated light out there? Read more »

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Colour is a vital part of our lives, shaping the way we feel and think. Research by scientists has found that surrounding yourself with certain colours or coloured lights can have an important impact on your day. The way we see colour is dependent upon the wavelength within the light spectrum. At Lightbox UK we specialise in white LED light to create a crisp focus and detail to suit your purpose. Read more »

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