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There is a wealth of different types of snap frames, each of which has a different application. From waterproof to tamper resistant, locking or double-sided to window fixing, there is a wealth of purposes that the use of snap frames is paramount.

There are even customisable options that consumers can choose from. Whether you have designs on a snap frame that mirrors the tone and colour of your brand, or require a larger length or width, snap frames are customisable.

The two most common snap frames are the rounded corner snap frames and the mitred corner snap frames.

Rounded Corner

Rounded corner snap frames are bright with chrome inserts at each of the four corners. Some consumers believe that rounded corner snap frames are rather brash and inelegant, however when employed with coloured profiles they have quite the visual impact. Those with small children may lend towards rounded corner snap frames as they offer little opportunity for small ones to injury themselves.

Mitred Corner

The frame profile of mitred corners are machined at 45 degrees, this creates a ninety degree right angle at the corners. Mitred corner snap frames are especially when dressed in natural aluminium or of a satin iodised finish. This creates am neat and almost seamless finish.

How to Choose the Profile

Choosing the profile is a relatively simple process. Why? The name of each profile describes the purpose of the snap frame. Here is an overview of the different profiles that consumers can choose from.



These profiles are ideal for exterior application. They have a rubber seal to protect the poster from water seeping inside.

Tamper Resistant

Just as the name suggests, tamper resistant profiles can be accessed without a special tool. These are ideal for those that wish to keep the contents of the frame under lock and key.


These frames are suitable for those that have an unmanned area for the majority of the time. The profiles close sequentially and secured with an Allen key.

The Size

The size of the snap frame is one of, if not the most important deciding factors when choosing the right snap frame for you. Snap frames are sold in a wealth of different sizes, from standard A4 to bespoke shapes and sizes, consumers have a wealth of choice.

This is a simple overview of the different types of snap frames that consumers can choose from. There is a wealth of choice. You can have the right snap frame to meet your personal needs.

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