LED Lighting and the Healthcare Industry

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LED lights have become increasingly prominent in hospital environments over the last few decades. This is hardly a surprise given they offer increased longevity, cost-effectiveness, and superior quality. Visiting a hospital is hardly an experience to look forward to. The healthcare sector places significant emphasis offering levels of care that each patient deserves. Indeed, even… Read more »

Light Therapy can help with Bipolar Disorder

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It’s traditionally acknowledged that those suffering with SAD benefit greatly from light therapy. However, did you know that the symptoms of bipolar disorder can also be treated with light therapy? Mood disorders of various different types can be treated with light therapy. The affects of mood disorders can be mild or severe for some. For… Read more »

Four Benefits of Light Therapy that you may not know

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We’re only human. Our mid and body will inevitably become weak for periods of time throughout over lives. Whether you fall foul of influenza or your mind works against you, no one is one hundred percent healthy, one hundred percent of the time. Illness is inevitable, but suffering is not. There are many drugs to… Read more »