How to Interpret X-Ray Imagery

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X-rays have become an essential tool in the medical profession. Doctors the world over rely on x-rays to diagnose internal problems. A painless and simple procedure for patients to endure, they allow for accurate medical diagnoses of bones and tissues. Patients may be provided with a copy of the x-ray image. Without knowledge or experience… Read more »

LED Lighting and the Healthcare Industry

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LED lights have become increasingly prominent in hospital environments over the last few decades. This is hardly a surprise given they offer increased longevity, cost-effectiveness, and superior quality. Visiting a hospital is hardly an experience to look forward to. The healthcare sector places significant emphasis offering levels of care that each patient deserves. Indeed, even… Read more »

A Brief History of the X-Ray

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The X-Ray is one of the most important medical innovations of the last century. Viewing the inner workings of our body would, quite simply, not be possible without an x-ray. Then electromagnetic spectrum covers both light and radio waves. X-rays are considered to use short wavelength and electromagnetic waves, penetrating the exterior of our bodies… Read more »