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You may believe that notice and blackboards are solely used in educational institutions across the UK. However, this is simply not the case. Today, there’s still a wealth of different environments that make use of notice and blackboards. Have a look around, and you’ll see.

Marketing Environments

Today, many companies still use notice and blackboards as part of their overall marketing strategy. This is especially true of B2C sales. Those with a prominent brand logo understand the importance of the images of their product. This is especially true of those that appreciate fine ale. Having the logo of a prominent brand visible allows you to easily target consumers.

Additionally, cafes and restaurants will often have an A framed blackboard, displaying special offers that allow you to draw in customers.

Business Environments

The vast selection of commercial environments (especially larger ones) will make use of a notice board in either the conference or a break time area. These notice boards are a great way to communicate important information such as deadlines, bank holidays, rotas, as well as important information about the company’s health and safety policies.

Whiteboards are a great way of keeping track of information like targets, income, and important figures and announcements. This allows the business to cultivate a sense of teamwork

As we progress even further into the digital era more and more businesses are employing interactive whiteboards. These whiteboards allow you connect with a computer and use the board as a touch screen. These interactive whiteboards are great for use in a wide selection of purposes from product demonstrations to training exercises. They offer flexible solutions to a wealth of different business purposes.

Home Decorating

One of the more popular and interesting uses for notice boards is the choice of homeowners to display these notice boards in the home. They add an interesting design element as well as a functional element to the room – a place for parents to make a shopping list or write important dates to remember.

The humble notice and whiteboard has come a long way over the last few years. They have been successfully employed in a number of different environments across the UK with success.

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