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With a solid working surface that is just 17 mm above the desk surface our brand new A5 lightbox is the perfect solution for artists and designers. It’s also ideal for tracing, embossing, tattooing, component analysis and photography purposes.

The illuminated area of our A5 Art and Design lightbox is 210 x 148 mm with an overall working area of 270 x 208 mm. The colour temperature is 9,000 – 10,000 kelvin and the light intensity is 1,500 – 1,800 lux. The light source is LED and should last around 30,000 hours. Our A5 lightbox has a power consumption of less than 5 watts.

Please note that this specialist lightbox is not suitable for poster display.

Why not add a pair of feet for your lightbox?

Some users prefer to have their lightbox at a angle for comfortable working. Use these non-slip, self-adhesive feet on one edge of your lightbox so that your lightbox is at a gentle angle. Please have a look at our shop page ‘Lightbox Feet

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