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Take a good look around your home if you suffer from SAD, could you make a few changes to improve the light quality in your house?  Sometimes, it’s the subtle changes that make all the difference, as well as buying a lightbox you might want to try these ideas during the darker months.

Make use of natural light

Take a tour of your home and work out which rooms are blessed with natural light. There are bound to be certain rooms that offer better light than others, could you swap the rooms around and change their use maybe so you enjoy the best of the light without totally remodelling your home?

Sit closer to the light

Reposition chairs if you have to so they are a little closer to the window. Suffer from the symptoms of SAD and you don’t want to be stuck at the far side of a darkened room, you’ll feel better sat nearer the window, peering out at the natural light.

Keep blinds open

Pull curtains back as far as possible, draw blinds upwards and let as much natural light as you can into the home. Nets and other window accessories can seriously reduce the amount of light that filters into your property, take them down if possible over the winter, remove the doom and gloom from your home.

Take care of window maintenance

Dirty windows block out light so keep your glazing spotless and streak-free. Spend more time cleaning ground floor windows over the winter, remove barriers of filth and stop dirt from acting as a blackout shield.

Introduce more light to the dwelling

Do you have particular problems in certain areas of the home, is the upstairs landing dark throughout the year for example or could your kitchen do with extra light?

Consider installing light solutions that will brighten up the interior of the home. Skylights, sun tunnels and lightboxes introduce different levels of light to the property, make positive changes and you might not feel as bad about SAD this year.

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