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Simply put, light boxes offer a vibrant and clear way of advertising your business visuals. Any successful advertising campaign must have clear and focused visuals. LED light boxes afford you the opportunity for this. LED light boxes afford advertisers clear visual advertising campaigns.

Recent developments has seen LED light boxes surge in popularity amongst advertisers. They offer numerous significant advantages that have been taken advantage of by advertisers the UK over.

Energy Efficiency

LED lighting offers superlative energy efficiency. LEDs use a fraction of the power of fluorescent lighting. This factor is no more apparent than with LED light boxes. Given that those that use light boxes generally use them for prolonged periods of time, if not all day long, the energy saving qualities they offer are favoured by consumers. Their energy efficiency reduces the running costs by a considerable margin.

Superior Longevity

Fluorescent lighting generally has an estimated life span of ten to fifteen thousand hours. LEDs can last for as long as fifty thousand hours. There is no need to worry about changing light bulbs or tubes, and with superior durability, there is no need to be concerned with LEDs malfunctioning.

Your Carbon Footprint Can Be Reduced

We’re all concerned with our carbon footprint. Businesses across the UK are making a conscious effort to reduce the energy that they use, and take steps towards becoming a carbon neutral. With used in a partnership with solar energy LED lights are perfect for businesses that have the goal of becoming completely green.

Space Saving  

LED light boxes, used to house LED lights, are small in size. They don’t overwhelm any environment and look almost elegant. This quality makes them suitable for use as decorative art displays and for advertising purposes.

They are Safe

Broken fluorescent tubes pose a serious risk to health. They contain mercury and other heavy materials. An additional issue with fluorescent tubes is that they’re difficult to dispose of without contaminating the environment. LEDs contain a solid outer casing that encloses the light fittings. They offer superior durability and are less prone to breakages.

These are just some of the benefits of using LED light boxes. If you’re on the fence, still unsure whether the use of LEDs is a wise course of action, then the decision should now be made for you.

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