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Those that have searched both online and in stores for the most appropriate light box will understand that choosing the right product is not such a straightforward task. With a wealth of different products to choose from the task may be overwhelming. Below is a short guide for anyone wishing to identify the most appropriate light box for their personal needs.

Firstly, remember that a light box is an investment in your health.

It’s important to remember that the purchase of a light box is an investment in your mental, physical and emotional health. This simple product can drastically enhance your health for six or seven months of the year.

Don’t base your decision solely on the price of the light box. If you live in a place that suffers from shorter hours of daylight then you may require a light box for the vast majority of the year. You’ll need to make sure that the light box is durable. Spending a little more money for a light box with excellent reviews may well prove to be a wise decision.

Secondly, check your insurance coverage.

It’s possible that the cost of a light box may well be covered by any medical insurance that you have. This will save you dipping into your pockets to purchase a light box.

Top Tip: Retailers will need to have a completed insurance form and maybe doctor’s prescription to process the payment and authorise the transaction.

Thirdly, buy from a reputable manufacturer.

As with purchases of any kind, choosing a trusted and highly regarded retailer is the most astute decision that consumers can make. Product quality and guarantees are evident, as is a diverse choice of light box products.

Fourthly, as mentioned previously, look for a thirty to sixty day money back guarantee.

SAD light therapy is an integral form of therapy for anyone with SAD, or other emotional issues. You need to make sure the product is reliable. The reassurance of a thirty to sixty year guarantee makes consumers more confident about their purchase.

Today, light boxes can be purchased from a wealth of online and offline retailers. No longer is the product restricted to medical outlets.

Fifthly, remember that form follows function.

Correct use of a light box is essential. It’s wise to plan the use of your light box around the hours that you’re exposed to sunlight each and every day. Make space for your light box in an appropriate area. If you plan to use an exercise treadmill or indeed any other equipment with any other form of equipment and wish to enjoy the benefits of a light box, then consider the treatment range provided by the light box.

These are just are five of the factors that you need to consider when choosing a light box. These tips will afford the opportunity to identify the most appropriate light box for your personal needs.

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