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Are Light Box and LED Signs the Same?

In short, no. There are comparisons to be drawn from Light box and LED, however they are distinctly different products. Typically, light box signs are used to create vibrant and colourful displays, whereas LEDs are primarily used for communication purposes. Light box signs utilise a different fonts and images whereas LED signage uses only a standard font with a few selected colours.

Where are they Displayed?

Light boxes can be displayed in a wealth of different environments. From retail stores to museums and hospitals, light boxes prove vital, displaying a wealth of important information. However, these light boxes are not strictly limited to these environments. Additional environments that benefit from light boxes are hotels and restaurants, both elegant and for fast food. They have proven to be effective in illuminating food menus and special offers.

Why Choose an Illuminated Sign?

Illuminated signs can prove to be effective displaying consumer information. They can attract customers from a distance, and work as a powerful promotion tool. They are inexpensive, and as such many small to medium-sized businesses feel they have an effective and relatively cost-efficient way to market their products or services. One of the principal benefits of choosing an illuminated sign is that they offer consumers a choice of colours, fonts and imagery.

Which is Preferable Custom or Readymade Signs?

For the vast majority of us price has a significant bearing on our choice of product. However, it must be noted that some light boxes are expensive for a reason. Those that choose a custom light box have the advantage of customising the light box to their personal specifications. This extends to font, colours, imagery and the overall impression of the light box. Readymade signs have generic slogans and feature a display that only illuminates certain words.

These are the answers to just a few of the frequently asked questions about light boxes. If you’re considering such a purchase the most important decision to make is whether the light box meets your personal requirements.

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