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Our SAD lightboxes are small, discreet and ever so stylish. Whether you use them for work, or buy them for a domestic abode they’ll blend right in and look totally at home with your other possessions.

Lightboxes are highly effective at combating the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder but did you know, a few subtle changes at home will also help to lift your mood?

Don’t let the effects of SAD ruin your mood over the winter, buy a lightbox and try some of these suggestions to bring a little brightness into your life.

Tip # 1: Paint walls with cheery colours

One way to combat the drab, dull greys of winter is to paint your office, studio or home study with bright and colourful shades.  Introduce a new colour scheme to the property, pick a vibrant shade that makes you feel good inside, worked in conjunction with a lightbox this can be quite a powerful formula.

Tip # 2: Throw in a few accessories

Why stop at the paint scheme? Chuck a cheery throw on your settee, place bright cushions on your bed and accessorise your home or office with bright, light features that create a warm and welcoming feeling. Okay it might be dreary outside but you can create a rainbow of colours inside your home and fight the effects of SAD this way.

Tip # 3: Upgrade lighting

If the lighting is drab inside your home it’s no wonder you are feeling a little sad. Switch those dated lights for brighter, lighter features, upgrade bulbs for brighter options where applicable and consider introducing more light options to your home over the winter to help you combat the blues.

Tip # 4: Move your lightbox

Why limit the use of a lightbox to only one room? Invest in a few lightboxes around the home or move the box from room to room depending on where you are in the home.

The good thing about SAD boxes is they are totally portable, really practical and highly effective, so shift them around and benefit from specialist light throughout the winter months.  Your home will be a lot brighter and your mood should feel a lot lighter when you have lightboxes around!

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