Our Magnetic Shelf Lighting System works by using a discreet, slimline LED system that is fully magnetic, making it simple to install and rearrange, giving a hassle-free experience.

The range uses the latest LED Lighting to create a simple yet effective solution to create beautifully lit shelving displays. This is an efficient alternative to wide-area illumination, providing focused, accented light to each shelf or specific product showing the merchandise on display to their full effect.

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LEDs are the light-producing solutions of not just the present but the future and offer a host of advantages over traditional lighting methods. They are incredibly eco-friendly, can be recycled, emit no UV radiation and give off very little heat. They offer brighter, truer colours than traditional lighting options without the need for filters.

LEDs are compact, versatile and boast longer lifespans than any other lighting technology on the market. The robust durability, economical power usage and low maintenance associated with LEDs are just some of the many reasons why they are increasingly being used for shelf lighting, illuminated signage and store displays.


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• Discreet illumination solution – The slim design of the Magnetic Shelf Lighting allows you to illuminate your displays without the fuss of bulky lighting and endless wires.
The LED strip featured in the range is only 13mm wide x 7mm high.

• Easy to Install and reposition without any wiring – The Magnetic Shelf Lighting system is fully magnetic, making it simple to install without the use of numerous tools, you won’t even need an electrician.

• Non permanent fixing that can be re-used – Being magnetic makes the Magnetic Shelf Lighting simple to move or be rearranged without the need to rewire. This can even be achieved while your products are on display, making it a hassle free experience.

• Uses the latest LED technology – The Magnetic Shelf Lighting uses environmentally friendly, 12V, low temperature, energy efficient LEDs.

• Long Life span – LED Lighting has a proven long life with a running time in excess of 50,000 hours.

• Low Maintenance – LED lighting requires very little maintenance making them ideal for all retail environments.

• Helps increase sales – The use of LED lighting helps illuminate your individual products or shelves, showing them to their full effect, making them more eye-catching to the customer.

• Very cost effective – Maintenance costs are kept low as the LEDs will rarely need to be changed. Installation is quick and easy saving costs on electricians.

Magnetic Shelf Lighting Magnetic Shelf Lighting 1

The Magnetic Shelf Lighting System is made up of 5 main components that make up a magnetic system that is simple to install: Power Block; LED Channel; Cover Track; Rear Track; Power Supply.

It is easy to illuminate more than one shelving area at the same time. We are able to offer a Bay Extension Harness that enables multiple bays to be powered by using one 12 V driver. This reduces the demand for mains power outlets.

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