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The rotating light box is one of the most under-appreciated advertising tools. Static signs only appeal to those looking in a certain direction. The rotating signs appeals to those with their eyes focused in all directions. You can reach a wider audience. Let’s explore this in a little more detail.

The Limitations of Stationary Signs

Advertisers often find that stationary signs have limited potential. Consumers rarely view them from optimal angles, positions where they’re able to take in the full advert. They’re difficult to see in poor light, often resulting in an ineffective advertising campaign. Rotating light boxes resolve this issue. As the signs rotate consumers are able to capture the full attention of onlookers, allowing them to absorb the full extent of the advert.

Attracting Customers in all Directions

Those that choose static signs are doing themselves a disservice – they are limiting their advertising potential. The use of rotating light box signage allows you to attract the attention of customers in all directions at the same time.

A Signature Anchor

The most effective signage is those that establish a unique anchor. Some of the more visually appealing and effective signage in Las Vegas, a city where eye-catching signage is everywhere, are those with a signature anchor. Their rotating structure appeals to those that venture up and down the strip, grabbing the attention of feverish consumers.

The Return on your Investment

Signage offers you one of an impressive return on your investment. Rotating light box signage only heightens the impact of any signage. They allow you to spread your message far and wide, and influence, both directly and indirectly, consumers. This is called effective advertising.

In short, the benefits of using a light box to enhance rotating signage cannot be ignored. Those that haven’t considered using one to enhance their products or services should consider this simple, yet affective form of advertising.

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