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Effective advertising brings effective results. Consumer targeted advertising is a potent force for driving sales forward. By targeting consumers whilst they’re out shopping you will maximise the sales opportunity and of a sufficient return on your investment. Retail competition is fierce, shops and supermarkets are consistently engaged in a battle to win over customers. One effective method of attracting consumers is through the use of a light box to illuminate the core selling points of your business.

Posters that are illuminated stand a far better chance of grabbing consumer’s attention than unlit posters. Visual awareness is integral to promotion. Any images that are neatly presented, framed and wall mounted are far more likely to appeal to consumers than those that are tucked away from sight. This is where light boxes prove very effective.

So, where should you choose to display your advertisements?

You need to choose a location that maximises point of sale impact. This will depend on the nature of your business. Consider shop windows. All retailers understand that to attract consumers they need to have the primary products on view for all to see. This will entice consumers to venture into the shop – and put their hands in their pockets. Light boxes to effectively illuminate their goods have been used to great effect by a wealth of consumers.

Shop Windows

High street retailers have used light boxes to great effect. The use of a light box as part of a window display works well. By filling the, sometimes, expansive space of the window, consumers will be able to view the display when passing by twenty four hours a day.


Counter top light boxes provide optimal advertising exposure, and as such are effective in highlighting individual in-store products. By rotating the display retailers have the opportunity to highlight their vast product range to consumers without crowding the space.


Walls and Fixtures

Waiting causes some frustration amongst consumers. Whist your patrons are waiting to pay for their purchases why not set their mind on another purchase? By strategically placing light boxes, complete with products that you wish to highlight, in those visible areas of the shop where consumers are likely to see, then you’ll enhance the opportunity for further sales.

Next to the Till

Is your till located away from the serving counter? Is there a wall in the surrounding area? If so then here is an ideal location to place an advertising display. Customers will, once again, wait in line to purchase their goods, and this is therefore an optimal position for illuminating posters advertising products.

With a little forethought you can effectively use light boxes for effective point of sale advertising campaigns that consumers will really see, resulting in increased revenue for your business.

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