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Sleek magnetic light boxes, used for advertising a product, service or information, hold a prominent place in advertising. Imagery forms a vital part of advertising. A bold and engaging image grabs people’s attention. A diluted or mundane image won’t have the same affect. Successful advertising on any medium must have strong imagery.

Light boxes form an integral part of any visual advertising display. Any advertising imagery must be enhanced in any way possible. Light boxes prove will manage this effectively. Imagine you’re and about in town, you walk past a restaurant to view the menu, placed on the side of the building, yet the drab, obscured design puts you off – you can’t even see cuisine. An appropriately illuminated light box will resolve this problem.

Innovation doesn’t ever stagnate. With that being said visual imagery will become more interactive in future generations. Many futurists predict that future generations will be treated to advertising that interacts with consumers on a personal level. Indeed, the first steps towards this are being taken as we speak. Billboards that read your weight are on the horizon.

Computer scientists have created technology that allows digital billboards to remotely detect the weight of those passing by. Equipped with a camera with depth perception the billboard will have the capability of deducing your weight. This will be used to target consumers. Useful for clothing retailers, consumers will have immediate access to garments with a style that impeccably suits their frame.

It’s already here in some form

This proposed technology hasn’t been proposed without garnering controversy. Privacy is a concern. Some alarmists have become concerned that this targeted approach to advertising is one further step towards an increasingly governed and controlled society – a society where freedom and liberty are growing increasingly scarce.

However, facial recognition technology already exists. Billboards that collate individual date about a person’s age, gender have been introduced.  The Xbox Kinect uses technology to determine the volume of anyone in close proximity to the system. This is done through the use of human body detection algorithms. It’s safe to say that the world in which we live is changing.

Advertising in all its forms is changing. Whether you look at something as simple as adverting information, products, or services the manner you begin to understand the manner that we receive information is changing. Who knows what the future will bring.

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