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An image tells a thousand words. Effectively advertising any product or service is paramount in today’s competitive market. The presentation of your image is also vital. You need to grab the attention of your audience immediately. This cannot be achieved with dull or poor lighting. For this reason light boxes to effectively illuminate any imagery have become increasingly prevalent.

LED light boxes are favoured over the fluorescent counterparts. From effectively illuminating vivid colours to shining a light on graphics and text to make them stand out, LED light boxes are being increasingly used in exhibitions and trade shows.

Here is a more in-depth look at the reasons to choose LED light boxes over their fluorescent counterparts.

Colour and Brightness

Light boxes have come a long way. The innovative technology allows for an evenly spread glow. LED technology provides a steady, evenly spread light, unlike fluorescent light boxes that may flicker with age and take time to warm to optimum brightness.

LED light boxes are sold in a variety of different colours. From individual golden glows or a graphic effect to compliment the illumination to a variety of LEDs in different colours, the options available to consumers are vast.

Energy Efficiency

LEDs use significantly less electricity than fluorescent light boxes. Their carbon footprint is minimal. Given that they use so little power they can be run from a battery or car charger. Anyone considering using portable, mobile or outdoor advertising displays need only consider using LED light boxes.


LED’s are solid state light sources. Their design does not include fragile glass tubes or filaments, which can be notoriously fragile. Their robust design ensures lower maintenance costs. The average LED has a lifespan of 100,000 hours, as opposed to fluorescent light source with a lifespan of just 10,000 hours. The cost of maintenance is greatly reduced. No longer do you need to worry about replacing the bulbs and tubes. It’s an investment well worth making.

The Weight and Profile

LED light boxes are slimmer, more compact and weigh less than fluorescent light boxes. They have increased manoeuvrability allowing them to be easily transported to all manner conferences, studios and offices. Their slimmer profile sticks makes them less conspicuous and easily fitted to a variety of different environments. Modern and elegant, their aesthetics are one of the primary selling points.

To conclude LED light boxes are vastly superior to fluorescent counterparts. They are slightly more expensive, but the money saved in energy costs added with their increased convenience ensures that they are the more logical purchase for consumers.

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