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First and foremost, portable LED light boxes offer perfect portable advertising display solutions. Effective advertising relies on drawing people’s attention. There is no more effective way to do this than through the use of LED technology to illuminate any vibrant colours and clear messages.

Today light boxes hold a prominent position in retail stores and window displays across the UK. Whether such light boxes be mounted on the walls, displaying the USP of products, or the latest special offer, their inclusion in competitive sales environments is paramount.

Slim line LED light boxes are renowned for their adaptability. They are lightweight enough to be moved to different environments, from trade shows to window displays, sales pitches to conventions.

LED light boxes use significantly less power, when compared to their fluorescent contemporaries. They offer increased energy efficiency and will significantly decrease any power output, reducing electricity bills. LED light boxes can be powered from re-chargeable batteries or powered from a car charger. This flexibility makes them highly attractive to consumers.

Trade Shows and Conventions

Free standing displays can be easily created to hold LED light boxes, illuminating your products and services and drawing attention effortlessly.

Pop-Up Stores

Increasingly pop-up stores and boutiques have been erected across retail sectors. Indeed, from designer jewellery to technology these stores traverse a wealth of products. Advertising is a core ingredient for the success of these stores. Such advertising must be simple to erect and dismantle as their venue will continually change. Lightweight LEDs are perfect for this function.

Food Trailers and Mobile Restaurants

One sector that would greatly benefit from the use of lightweight LED light boxes is those in the mobile restaurant and food trailer trade. Such services need to grab consumer’s attention, especially in times of poor natural light. Light boxes can be used to great effect to illuminate menus and attract customer’s attention.

Music Events

DJs and festival organisers make great use of portable lightweight boxes to illuminate features of the menu. LED light boxes can even be programmed to illuminate or advertise specific features within the venue. There are ever LED light boxes that can be programmed to sync with the music, enhancing the vibe of the occasion.

The benefits of portable LED light boxes are vast. Not only are they very durable, light boxes are a great advertising tool, adequately displaying products of all descriptions.

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