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The sun’s natural light is good for your eyes. It’s been scientifically-proven that as the eye muscles contract and relax you’ve eyes interpret the world around you without irritation.

Environments with poor light and throughout the course of the night when poor lighting is apparent people cannot see the vast colour contrast that’s all around us. Fortunately, light boxes which imitate natural light have been developed. These light boxes provide indoor natural light for commercial and residential properties that are sorely in need of it.

The natural light spectrum was developed on the basis of the eye’s rod, cones, and photoreceptors and how when combined they work in conjunction with one another, yielding better results when exposed to a full balance spectrum of light. This balanced stimuli acts more efficiently when interpreting the wealth of information that’s essential to accurately understanding the world around us. Natural spectrum light boxes are innovative examples of artificial light imitating natural light.

There is a wealth of products that are available to consumers today that mimic natural spectrum light. From light boxes to desk and floor lamps and full spectrum bulbs, there are a number of different products available. Typically desk and floor lamps are used for deskwork activities and use a twenty seven watt bulb with a life of up to ten thousand hours. Light boxes are different.

Light boxes and light therapy devices are full spectrum devices that are used extensively used in a wealth of different environments. From healthcare centres to graphic design studios, light boxes make a significant contribution to a number of professions. Typically, lamps produce a luminosity of ten thousand LUX. Light boxes are fitted with timers and auto shift facilities and are very effective as they do not produce any harmful radiation, they provide a natural daylight environment, are energy efficient and can be easily transported.

Incandescent full spectrum bulbs provide full spectrum light. They have an average life of ten thousand hours and are available at twelve, thirteen, fifteen, eighteen and twenty, twenty three, twenty six and thirty six watts. These bulbs enhance the contrast between light and dark and they have a lifespan that’s five times longer than traditional light bulbs.

Natural spectrum light bulbs are far superior for traditional light bulbs. This is the reason why they are far more suited to light boxes, and hence the reason why light boxes across the globe utilise natural spectrum light bulbs.

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