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A board advertising signs are prominent ways of promoting your products or services. Their visual display potential can be employed outside a wealth of commercial businesses, drawing consumers to your business. They are one of the more simple and successful ways of marketing your business.

One of the principal reasons that employers choose A boards and signs is their affordability and that they offer consumers that opportunity to interchange promotions with ease.

What are A Boards?

A boards have a very simple design. Their V shape allows for posters to be easily inserted and displayed on either side, advertising products or services. Featuring dual snap frames with profiles at the edge of each frame.

The Choice of A Boards

There are different models and sizes of A boards. It’s imperative that anyone considering this type of marketing choose the right size and shape for their individual purposes. Those with a business that operates at the height of fashion and style would benefit from the use of an A board with a stylish aluminium frame, not necessarily one with a wooden frame. These A boards are more suited to a retro environment.

Another consideration that should be considered is the immediate environment. One of the principal reasons for using A boards is the exposure that they offer. If you have the idea of displaying your A board on a busy high street then standard A boards are the most viable option. If the environment has an abundance of consumers then it’s wise to invest in an A board that is sturdy and weighted. This way people that pass will not continually topple the board over.

The Purpose of the A Board

It’s important to consider what you want to achieve prior to purchasing any A board. Do you want to display printed media or portray that personal touch through writing? If you’re considering both, display boards have a solution. A snap frame A board allows for posters, images or graphics to be inserted as well as large chalk cards. These chalk cards can be written on to display information such as promotional offers and add that touch of personality to the board.

As you can see there is a wealth of different uses for A boards. With a wealth of styles and a price range to suit all there really isn’t a viable reason for you not to utilise the advertising potential of A boards.

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