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Professional Plus or Ultimus standard – a far cleaner, neater and brighter lightbox. Our art, design and tracing LED lightboxes are used by both professional and enthusiast designers illustrators and artists, as well as hundreds of schools, universities and colleges. Hand made here in the UK the Ultimus is the finest art lightbox you can buy. We invented this type of LED art lightbox. We have now gone a step further and have a unique, whiter design with a larger effective working area. Cutting edge, there is nothing else like this available anywhere!

Discover a way of easily and inexpensively improving your design work. Our lightboxes are super slimline and never get hot. Our art, design and tracing lightboxes are available in A5, A4, A3, A2, A1 and A0 standard sizes. Bespoke sizes are available. Not only are our lightboxes the best, you also won’t get such great quality at a cheaper price.

Our Professional Plus Lightboxes are super slimline, 12mm deep or less and with a completely flat front surface. Because the lightboxes are so very slim they are extremely comfortable when working on art, design, tattooing and tracing. The light boxes are edge lit by LED (Light Emitting Diodes).

The front surface of the lightbox is very firm and rigid, making it perfect for graphic design, animation, analysis, embossing and many other uses. The standard art lightbox is non-dimmable, we also sell a dimmable lightbox and you can also purchase a separate dimmer to upgrade the standard lightbox to a dimmable at a later time.

We are able to create this type of lightbox in bespoke sizes, please call 01606 837 517 for details.

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