The Original LED Art Lightbox

A2 Art Lightbox
Acrylic paper and photocopy paperWatercolour paper and photocopy paperWatercolour paper and photocopy paper detailFirst class tracing possibleMake your work or project easier with one of our lightboxes

A2 art, design, tracing, tattoo lightbox


Product Description

Quality A2 Lightbox utilising the latest in state of the art LED technology. This allows for both an ultra-slim profile (only 8mm) and a bright, even spread of high quality light. Features integral printed ruler guides. Ideal for a wide variety of tasks including arts, crafts, design, drawing, stencilling, tattoo and photo work. Please have a look at our other models of A2 Lightbox – we have something to suit everyone and every application.

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Ultra Slim – Just 12mm Thick
Integral Printed Ruler Guides Along the Left & Upper Edges
Energy Saving LED Technology – Uses Only 6 Watts
Basic lightbox For Art, Craft, Design, Drawing, Stencilling, Tattoo and Photo
360 Lumens
Height : 12 mm (0.4 Inches)
Width : 650 mm (25.5 Inches)
Depth : 480 mm (18.9 Inches)
3 Metre Cable with In-Line On / Off Switch

We also sell separate dimmer switches.

Why not add a pair of feet for your lightbox? Some users prefer to have their lightbox at a angle for comfortable working. Use these non-slip, self-adhesive feet on one edge of your lightbox so that your lightbox is at a gentle angle. Available in high and medium height.


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