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Quality craftsmanship. Clear, bright, even light. A lightbox to be proud of
Acrylic paper over photocopy paper showing detail tracing is like a walk on the beach...Easily traces through 2 sheets of paperEven all-over light gives accurate resultsHeavy watercolour paper and photocopy paperReproduce all of your work easily and quicklyFull A3 size illuminated areaPhotocopy paper and acrylic paperTracing is easy with both dark and light coloursSolid, sturdy working area which does not flexDetail showing smooth, chamfered edges. A very high quality product.

A3 art, design, tracing, tattoo lightbox


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Product Description

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Don’t settle for second best, buy our A3 lightbox. 

Make your work or hobby easier with our fantastic art, design and tracing lightboxes. A must have tool for designers and artists, also loved by schools, colleges and universities, our lightboxes are a favourite with so many people. With a solid working surface that is just 18 millimetres above the desk surface, our A3 lightbox is the perfect solution for easy comfortable use. The heat free, modern LED light source means that It is ideal for any application where an even, bright, reliable source of backlighting is needed. Will work effortlessly through all sorts of art paper, watercolour, acrylic, etc.

We cut no corners on making a high quality A3 lightbox that will last and last. Before you buy an A3 lightbox from anywhere else, find out if the lightbox is fully specified as follows.

From the bottom up;

We use 10 non-slip feet 5mm in height to give a really solid base.

The cable comes from the bottom of the lightbox and is protected by a properly fitted grommet to prevent cable damage in this sensitive area.

The cable itself is fully sheathed for maximum strength and longevity.

The barrel connector is made from thicker steel for heavy duty use.

We use a patented on/off in-line switch to ensure reliability.

The base sheet is a full 3mm thick acrylic – some lightboxes have a flimsy base sheet; this makes it cheaper but also means the lightbox is flexible. Our 3mm base sheet means that your lightbox stays really solid for reliable comfortable use.

The base sheet is screwed and glued into the middle light guide panel to ensure the lightbox is effectively a single, solid piece.

The light dissipation film is always smooth and crease-free which means your work is always accurate.

The top sheet is a full thickness optically bright clear acrylic which is fully mitred to give a comfortable and accurate work place.

All edges of the lightbox are even, smooth and burr-free to make this lightbox one you will be proud of.

The display is bright and even all over to make your work or hobby easier and more accurate.

Height : 18 mm including 5mm high non slip feet

Width : 470 mm (410mm display area)

Depth : 350 mm (297mm display area)

Brightness: Around 600 lux at centre of display

2 Metre Cable with In-Line On / Off Switch

We also sell separate dimmer switches.

Why not add a pair of feet for your lightbox? Some users prefer to have their lightbox at a angle for comfortable working. Use these non-slip, self-adhesive feet on one edge of your lightbox so that your lightbox is at a gentle angle. Available in high and medium height.

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