The Original LED Art Lightbox

A5 art and design lightbox
Original British designTracing through copy paperTracing through watercolour paperTracing photo on copy paper through copy paper

A5 art, design, tracing, tattoo lightbox


Product Description

Make your work or hobby easier with our fantastic art, design and tracing lightboxes. A must have tool have for designers and artists and also loved by schools, colleges and universities, our lightboxes are a favourite with so many people. With a solid working surface that is less than 18 millimetres above the desk surface our A3 lightbox is the perfect solution for easy comfortable use. The heat free, modern LED light source means that It is ideal for any application where an even, bright, reliable source of backlighting is needed.

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Illuminated area 210 x 148 mm

Overall working area 270 x 208 mm

Light intensity 1,500 – 1,800 lux

Light source LED

Working life around 50,000 hours

Colour temperature 9,000 – 10,000 kelvin.

There is an on/off switch on the side of the lightbox.

Power consumption less than 10 watts.

Please note that this specialist lightbox is not suitable for poster display. If you’d like to advertise, display a poster or artwork have a look at our advertising and display lightboxes.

We also sell separate dimmer switches.

Why not add a pair of feet for your lightbox? Some users prefer to have their lightbox at a angle for comfortable working. Use these non-slip, self-adhesive feet on one edge of your lightbox so that your lightbox is at a gentle angle. Available in high and medium height.


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