The Original LED Art Lightbox

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A2 Ultimus Professional Daylight art, design, tracing, tattoo lightbox


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Product Description

ULTIMUS – the finest lightboxes you can buy.

Super-bright, evenly illuminated, fully oversized working area, daylight colour. ‘Frameless design’. Ours are the only lightboxes you will find with a fully illuminated generously oversized working area to allow you to see all of your work all of the time. Our A2 Ultimus Lightbox has a bigger working area than A2 which means you can work more comfortably and efficiently. Hand-made here in the UK. We invented this type of LED art lightbox. We have now gone a step further and have a unique, whiter design with a larger effective working area. Cutting edge, there is nothing else like this available anywhere!

Since 2007 lightboxUK have researched, developed, tested and produced innovative solutions in order to push the limits of what is possible through lightbox performance.
 The current limit at this point in time can be summed up in one word: ULTIMUS.

LightboxUK present the new ULTIMUS lightboxthe maximum evolutional and technological expression of an art and design lightbox.

And thanks to its materials and performance, Ultimus is the reference lightbox without equal on the market. 
Each component has been completely rethought in terms of both design and function, to give maximum performance.

The finest materials, lovingly constructed by hand in the UK and exclusiveness are the ingredients for unprecedented performance.

  • Oversized
  • Super Bright
  • Daylight (5,300k)
  • Dimmer Function
  • Superior rigidity
  • Amazingly even light dissipation
  • Unique 2 layer design
  • Superslim

This picture shows an Ultimus lightbox with various samples of 350gsm card on top of lined copy paper. You can see how well the light shines through making the Ultimus lightbox the perfect choice for any serious user.


We are able to offer the Ultimus Lightbox in bespoke sizes and can supply your Ultimus Lightbox with a glass top working surface (extra charge).

Have a look at some of our previous customers also some of the masses of feedback we receive

Overall working area 654 x 480 mm

Light intensity > 5,000 lux

Light source LED

Working life around 50,000 hours

Colour temperature 5,300 kelvin

Power consumption less than 20 watts.

As this item is made by hand the typical production time is at least 15 working days but please check when ordering as this can vary.

We also sell separate dimmer switches.

Why not add a pair of feet for your lightbox? Some users prefer to have their lightbox at a angle for comfortable working. Use these non-slip, self-adhesive feet on one edge of your lightbox so that your lightbox is at a gentle angle. Available in high and medium height.

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