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One of the principal drawbacks of visual advertising with posters is their potential to be defaced. These posters are hardly vandal-resistant. With no control over the environment there is little that advertisers can do. Or is there? One solution to the problem is to attach a secure snap frame to the display. The acrylic cover and sturdy frame will protect such designs.

Community halls, shopping precincts and schools have employed a solution to this problem. By affixing a poster frame to the walls, one that can be hired for a small fee will encase your display and negate the issue of vandalism, or general ware over time. What needs to be considered is the accessibility that you have to the environment. On occasion posters can only be changed by those in charge of the space administration. Other occasions demand that only those with access to a key can open the frame and change the poster. Snap frames ensure security for your advertising.

However, what if there isn’t an existing poster display unit in the area that you want to advertise. Is your display designed to advertise upcoming and continually changing events? Have you special offers to promote?

A solution is to form an arrangement with the owner of the wall space in the position that you’d like to advertise. Arrange to provide and install your own secure snap frame in return for paying a nominal charge. By offering the building owner the opportunity to use your frames for their own advertising, you may be able to negotiate advertising for a nominal fee. Framed posters have an infinitely better appearance than those without a frame – this is always worth highlighting to the building owner.

Administration Managers of community buildings may find it worthwhile to invest in a series of snap frames themselves. This initial investment is easily recouped by renting the advertising space to local businesses for forthcoming events. Fixed and secure frames reduce a wealth of issues, especially those that result in worn or defaced visual displays, as well as promoting durability and ensuring the space loks neat and tidy.

Advertising through the use of posters is an effective advertising practice, communicating ideas and advertising essential information in a neat environment.

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