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Those with designs on putting together a comprehensive marketing plan must incorporate a wealth of different online and offline components. No matter the scope, size or nature of your business, it’s imperative that all marketing elements work together effectively to maximise your marketing potential.

Commonplace marketing strategies include a focused website that’s easy to navigate, promotional email campaigns, cold calling, or even approaching potential customers on a personal level. These activities can prove very effective however it’s important not to overlook the impact of visual marketing. For this reason portable banner stands can be great ways of attracting attention and promoting brand awareness.

Such promotional activities prove to be very effective, though often overlooked. Many businesses believe that the potential expense, incurred is not worth the investment, and in truth banner stands are more suited to some brands than others.

If, on the other hand, you’ve decided that outdoor banner stands will provide your business with the type of exposure that you need then you’ll need to make a decision. Will outdoor banner stands have the desired effect, or are billboards a more suitable option?

Billboards vs Outdoor Banner Stands

One of the most important decisions that you’ll have to make is whether to choose billboards or outdoor banner stands. It’s important to understand the key attributes of each in order to make an astute decision on the right way to promote your product or service.

Banner stands are far superior to billboard signs for a number of reasons. The reasons are clearly listed below:

The Amount of Exposure

Outdoor signage has the potential to reach an expansive audience – providing that they are in the vicinity of the sign. The primary drawback of billboards is their immobility. Portable outdoor banner signs are transportable and can be moved from tradeshow to tradeshow with ease.

Niche Exposure

Banner signs offer the opportunity to reach a higher volume of consumers, and get them interested in what you offer. Those attending live marketing shows are there because they want to be. They are more likely to absorb your advertisement. This is targeted consumer marketing – which is very effective.

A Wealth of Uses

Banner signs are both multi-functional and versatile. As mentioned previously they can be easily transported to virtually anywhere. From recruitment and job fairs to industry and brand marketing events, banner signs have a wealth of uses.

Simply put, banner signs are an effective way of marketing your products or services. They can reach a broad or targeted audience and can be displayed in a wealth of different environments.

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