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Tailored examination lighting is essential equipment for any examination room. To appropriately assess the human body effective lighting is paramount. From routine to meticulous examinations, medical professionals require effective illumination. Indeed, from optical to gynaecological examinations medical examination lighting is paramount.

Prior to undertaking any procedure, the lighting should always been assessed. Indeed, from natural to fluorescent and incandescent light all medical lighting must be sufficient so that medical professionals can fulfil their obligations.

There are two basic categories of exam lighting

The first category of exam lighting is surgical exam lights. These lights are the primary lighting used in surgeries and for infant examinations. Surgical lights are typically larger and fixed to one position. They are not mobile.

The second category of exam lighting is medical exam lights. This lighting is primarily used for medical check-ups procedures such as eye examinations. Both dentists and ophthalmologists use medical exam lights. These slit lamps allow a narrow beam into a specific area of the patient, without impacting on any other area of the patient.

When undertaking any medical or surgical procedure it’s imperative that the correct lighting is chosen. Examination and medical facilities are designed for repetitive use. Transferable lighting is favoured as it provides flexibility which is especially useful in time of emergency and in times when the environment becomes very busy. It should be noted that whether the lighting is fixed to a certain area or has been transferred to another surgical or examination room the luminosity remains consistent.

UV lighting and magnification systems are especially useful to enhancing the power and spectrum of light. Many of these lights are used for cosmetic, micro and or even robotic surgery. If you cannot see what you’re doing then you’d be unable to perform other intricacies of the medical procedure or examination.

Appropriate lighting is paramount in the medical industry. Those considering purchasing exam lighting should always consider their environment and the needs prior to any purchase. This is the only way to guarantee that you receive the lighting that suits your personal requirements accurately.

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