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If you’re looking for a clear and vibrant way to display your business visuals then one of the most effective methods is by employing the use of light boxes. Illuminated information is far more eye-catching than information that isn’t. The backlit nature of light boxes creates a dynamic effect which is effective even in low light environments.

LED lighting has advanced exponentially of late and light boxes are becoming increasingly popular with consumers utilising them for a wealth of different purposes. Light boxes offer several significant advantages over standard fluorescent lighting, and as such are perfect for menu display. Here is a list of the distinct advantages offered by LED Light boxes.

They will save you Power

LED light boxes are very energy efficient. They use only a fraction of the energy of fluorescent lighting. Light boxes are generally switched on for substantial periods of time, and for some that suffer from SAD, they may choose to keep their light box on all day long. The cost of electricity can be great. Light boxes can keep bills to a minimum.

They have increased Longevity

Fluorescent lighting generally has an estimated lifespan of ten to fifteen thousand hours. LEDs have a lifespan of thirty to fifty thousand hours. LED light boxes can run substantially longer than one without any need for maintenance or cost incurred for the replacement of bulbs or tubes.

They Allow you to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

At present both commercial enterprises and individuals are acutely aware of their carbon footprints. Reducing our energy use is just one more step on the road to becoming carbon neutral. If you’re intent on becoming carbon neutral solar lighting and LED lighting is the ideal solution.

They Don’t Take Much Space

LED light boxes aren’t large. There are products that are as slim as they are small and light. This means that they take up a small amount of space, have an elegant appearance and light to transport. They are suitable as decorative art displays and for advertising displays.

They are Safe to Use

Fluorescent tubes contain mercury and as such pose a serious health hazard. Additionally, they are difficult to transport and problematic to dispose of without posing to be a hazard to the environment. Light boxes have a solid outer casing with enclosed light bulbs. They are safer to use.

These are just five of the reasons why light boxes offer superior solutions for anyone wishing to display their menus, or indeed any important information. If you haven’t considered them before then perhaps the time has come to do so.

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