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Having the right tools for your trade is essential. All the knowledge, talent and acumen are each redundant without the right tools. That’s not to say that an artist will be able to create an awe-inspiring masterpiece with merely a stick of charcoal, any artist will agree that to create a vivid landscape, one that is both emotive and engaging they need the right tools.

Tool # 1

First and foremost an artist will need the right pencil. Used for centuries by artists and layman alike, the pencil is a versatile artistic medium, one that today is the cornerstone of all artistic expression. Illustrators still rely on the humble pencil – and with good reason. With a little concerted application designs of superlative calibre are easily achieved.

Today, the humble pencil has evolved. The Uni Ball Kuru Toga mechanical pencil has grown in popularity with artists and designers. With rotated lead that provides a consistently sharp tip, perfect for intricate tracing and technical drawing.

Tool # 2

Just as having the right pencil the right pen is equally essential. Illustrators across the land will have a collection of pens used for different purposes. There will, however, be one pen that Illustrators simply cannot be to part with. The more experienced artists will use brushes with varying line weights for multiple purposes.

The Pentel Brush Pen is considered to be one of the prominent brush pens used by Illustrators. With fine bristles, as opposed to a nib, there is a slight weight difference, but you need not worry about potentially messy ink pots. When used with thinner line pens the Pentel Brush Pen is a very affective illustrator tool.


Tool # 3

Sometimes, drawing tables are an integral tool that every artist and illustrator must have in their arsenal. Drawing tools eradicate the problem of writing disproportionate designs. Flat desks aren’t always the best surface for drawing. They can distort the perspective of the drawing and make any illustrations appear odd.

Drawing tables can be surprisingly cheap. Yes, if you so wish too, there is the opportunity to spend a little more money but, as a general rule, the basic drawing table will have similar functionality to one that has a greater expense. Indeed, leading retailers are able to offer drawing tables for under £100.

Tool # 4

The digital age has revolutionised illustration. No matter if you start with a standard graphite pencil at some point you’ll have to transfer the design to a digital piece of software. This is where scanners become very useful. As with anything else, you get what you pay for. A basic scanner will offer sufficient functionality though.

The Brother MFC-5890CN printer and scanner is considered to be one of the foremost products available. Illustrators working on large-scale projects have found the Brother MFC-5890CN to be one of the most popular printers and scanners.

Tool # 5

Any professional illustrator will have to be well versed using a variety of digital software. This includes the use of a graphics tablet. Graphics tablets allow artists to create exquisite artwork using nothing more than a digital pen. Every designer should have a graphics tablet in their bag of tricks.

Great for touching designs, line work and illustrations, graphics tablets provide professional illustrators with a choice of graphics pens. Some may prefer to use graphite pencils or ink pens, however the results rarely vary – it’s really up to you.

Every illustrator must have the right pencils and pencils, a reliable, sturdy drawing table, a scanner and graphics tablet. This will allow you to create work to be proud of.

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