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The rise of infographics is testament to the testament to the how visual content has exploded in popularity over recent times. Visual content which invites interaction and presents information on a more engaging level is innovative, interesting to create, and offers the maximum opportunity for having an impact on your target demographic.

We may not be aware, but throughout our daily lives we’re treated to a veritable visual feast of information. As we move forward information will only become increasingly progressive and prevalent in our world. Indeed, intelligent advertising may be just around the corner.

Everyone learns differently and at their own pace. We all absorb information in our own way too. This fact is not lost on marketing professionals the world over. Their role is to express the purpose to get people to take in information.

All content should be fresh, inspiring, entertaining and engaging. In a very basic level what you’re doing is educating your audience. Consumers are seeking information that allows them to make the best decision.

The majority of us are visual learners, either primarily or as a combination with auditory learning. On average 30% of us are primarily visually educated, with twenty five percent auditory educated.

Visual Learning Defined

The term, ‘show me how to understand’ is most appropriate for these types of learners. This form of learning is conveyed through infographics, charts, video demonstrations, comics or mediums like visual e-books. Once it’s acknowledged that this is form of learning works best, education can be tailored to incorporate visual elements to get the best message across.

Auditory Learning Defined

Auditory learners predominantly absorb information by listening. They remember information through sounds and benefit from repetitive information. Podcasting is a good method way to retain information.

In short, advertising and marketing professionals should understand their target demographic and what is the best way to get their message across.

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