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Colour is a vital part of our lives, shaping the way we feel and think. Research by scientists has found that surrounding yourself with certain colours or coloured lights can have an important impact on your day. The way we see colour is dependent upon the wavelength within the light spectrum. At Lightbox UK we specialise in white LED light to create a crisp focus and detail to suit your purpose.



Often associated as a physical colour, red makes a bold statement. Red light is used as a warning or to evoke a strong response, so many red-tinted lights can create a more aggressive atmosphere rather than a traditionally romantic one.



A warmer, less intense colour, orange tends to evoke excitement and cheerfulness. Orange lights are often used to draw attention to something or to create a glowing atmosphere which mimics the sun. For example, fire usually takes on an orangey form which is another reason why candles can add a comforting touch to a room.





Perhaps the brightest of all colours (except white), yellow is a colour that cannot be avoided which is why it is used for attention-getting. Unlike orange though, yellow lacks warmth, evoking feelings of frustration or anger in public environments. The most fatiguing of all colours, yellow light can cause extreme eyestrain or even vision loss so is less common in business and home settings.



Typically relating to nature and health, green conveys a sense of tranquillity. Green rooms and light often offer a calming effect which can be subtle. It is also thought to relieve stress and aid healing. With links to growth and replenishment, green light can create the perfect ambience.



As the true colour of calmness or peace, blue is said to have health benefits. Rooms decorated with blue walls or slightly blue tinted lights have been shown to increase productivity, making them perfect for the workplace. Also blue is often marketed as a healthy colour, lowering pulse rate and body temperature, making it a colour of dependable strength.





The clear focus of white cannot be mimicked in any other colour. White light is the brightest of all, providing a truly efficient and clean aura.  The wholeness of white makes it perfect for our products, allowing absolute definition.


Have a look at our range of products at Lightbox UK. From design, to advertising and industrial equipment, we know how important it is to have the clarity of a bright white light. If you want to know more simply get in touch with us today!

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