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Backlit LED light boxes can really bring artwork and photographic images to life. Even pieces with only a few sultry colours can be greatly enhanced by employing light boxes. Illuminating the hues will create vibrant, eye-catching imagery.

By their very nature, murals demand our attention. Enhanced visual imagery and font will transform a mundane design into one that immediately grabs the attention of those that pass by. The addition of a light box will create eye-catching displays that will draw the attention of an audience with ease.

LED light boxes are manufactured in a variety of different shapes and sizes. For this reason these three dimensional boxes can be placed on a surface, or hung on a wall, creating an interesting and intricate mural, bringing artwork to life, changing the look of the room design or highlighting seasonal promotions for your target audience.

LED light boxes offer significant advantages to consumers. Not only can mood and ambiance be created but, as previously mentioned, the placement of such light boxes can and will attract the attention of those passing. Here are a few tops for those considering purchasing LED light boxes.

Firstly, choose large light boxes, the addition of a large light box will greatly enhance any imagery and create widespread dazzle.

Secondly, the use of blue hues, creating a cool calming space whilst highlighting the baseboard area or the ceiling perimeter.

Thirdly, by employing a brilliant red light box, one that casts a fiery and energetic glow to the environment, will add dramatic appeal and draw the attention of those passing by.

In short, no matter the type or colour of light box that you believe is most appropriate for your display, one factor is guaranteed – the illuminating solutions offered are very beneficial to any visual display.

The Features of an LED light box and why they are perfect for Murals

One of the principal benefits of LED light boxes is their versatility. They can be constructed in custom sizes to meet the needs of the client. Whether you’re encasing a menu, artwork or photograph, LED light boxes can be constructed to meet the demands of the environment.

Light boxes feature patented V-Cut technology, offering illumination without hotspots. Given that they are self contained units, they can also be easily installed – all you need to do is to selection the display location and the artwork.

LED light boxes have longevity that far exceeds a lifespan that you may think. Typically, LED panels have a lifespan of 50,000 or more hours and they will be sold with a three year warranty and are designed with reliability and sustainability in mind.

There are many advantages of using LED light boxes for murals. Their properties mean they will illuminate any displays with ease and efficiency.

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