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Light boxes are considered to be one of the more inventive and astute ways to market your products or services and attract customers. If you pay attention to the world around you, you’ll notice that light boxes are ubiquitous. They have found homes in environments as diverse as retail outlets to train stations. Those wishing to purchase a light box to advertise their products and services need to follow a few simple tips to ensure they purchase the product that’s best-suited for them. These tips are listed below.

Light boxes are traditionally sold with flashing LEDs. They can be sold either readymade or in a bespoke capacity. Customised light boxes can be tailored to meet your personal requirements, and can be sold with text specified for you, and in different sizes.

There is a wealth of different types of signs with illuminating possibilities. Depending on your personal requirements light boxes can effectively market a wealth of products and services. Prior to choosing any signage, it’s imperative to consider the type of light box that will most effectively display the sign. Flashing LEDs may be highly effective attracting the attention of adults but, not so for children.

LED signs are sold with varying degrees of thickness. It is this thickness that decides the durability of the product. For those considering a durable light box it’ll be wise to consider a 45-65mm sign. The purpose of the light box will also determine the thickness that you need.

As with any other products, the price determines the quality of the product. Light boxes with single flashing lights are considered to be budget signs whereas those light boxes with varying colours, offering maximum brightness are priced slightly higher. If you’ve a budget that you need to stick to then, obviously it’s important not to overspend. If you’re fairly flexible on price then a light box which offers maximum brightness and multicoloured lights is available for you.

Both custom and bespoke signage can be purchased online and from a number of retail outlets. When considering a light box it’s always advisable to consider the amount of available space that you have. If you choose to display the light box in a flat desk area of the home, it’s wise to choose the size accordingly.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly it’s important that you give due consideration to the reasons that you’re considering the purchase. Whether you feel that a light box should be best used for SAD or X-Ray purposes, advertising or illustration, it’s wise to choose the light box that most befits the purpose.

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